Created by Tyree Pope, Fair Fight Vol.1 is a journey between Lennox, Ultra and Human, who are trying to escape the harsh reality of enslavement by an alien race who uses them as tools for intergalactic war. The aliens come to Earth and mutate the genetics of humans to turn them into superweapons,” said Pope.


Ultra is the “Alpha Dog” or at least she thinks so. She can create and control electromagnetic energy or things affected by it. She is very outspoken and tends to bite off more than she can chew. She is the first in line to challenge anyone. Quite obsessed with becoming powerful. Most characters fear her and she loves it.



Lennox is a witty character with multiple abilities such as telepathic and Ice related powers. He plays the beta to Ultra’s alpha characteristics. He’s laid back, he knows, he’s the smartest person in the room, plus he knows what everyone is thinking.


Human is an all powerful being that is more mystery than substance. Human plays the comedic relief and makes fun of the stereotypes of comic books. He rarely shows his powers because he is focused on developing Ultra and Lennox.